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He asks them to get lost with the kids. The villagers go back to their homes. Abha acts Bhaiya ji not to act smart, and says Chakor is alive and is in Mumbai. He is shocked. Abha says Arjun reached Mumbai to find her, once she comes here, you have to say where is Billu. He asks what nonsense. She says its true. He gets worried. Manohar and Babu have a talk. Bhaiya ji calls Manohar. Manohar apologizes and says he did big mistake, they lost Chakor in Mumbai, the car got lost. Bhaiya ji threatens Babu to find Chakor, else he will talk to madam. Babu gets tensed. A lady is shown doing the puja. Bhaiya ji says then I you know what will happen. Babu says trust me, give me one chance, I promise I will find Chakor. Bhaiya ji gives him 24 hours.


Poovizhi Vasalile

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